LyoSpeed™ Fast Lyophilisation

When working with certain solvents, e.g. HPLC solvents, a fully dried result can be hard to achieve due to interactions with the dissolved sample - resulting in the formation of a gum or oil. Lyophilisation is often the preferred method of sample drying in this case, achieving a high level of dryness with low residual solvent levels. The light, powdery finish of the sample also enables the sample to be easily removed and weighed out. However Lyophilisation can be a time consuming process.

In response to customer demand Genevac developed Fast Lyophilisation, or LyoSpeed™, a process whereby users evaporate some solvent using the speed of a centrifugal evaporator, then switch to a lyophilisation mode when only a few millilitres of solvent are left.

Customer trials have shown that the Genevac HT Evaporators can produce powdered lyophilisation samples using the LyoSpeed methodology from even the most difficult to handle aqueous / organic solutions with a success rate as high as 96%.

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