Evaporative Sample Preparation
for Mass Spectrometry

This new web page brings together customer technical articles that illustrate how Genevac centrifugal evaporators have become sample preparation tools of choice for laboratories that seek to analyse complex samples using hyphenated mass spectrometry [MS] techniques.

Loading samples into a Genevac HT series 3 centrifugal evaporator

Many laboratories still rely upon the use of a rotary or nitrogen blowdown evaporator to perform the evaporation part of their sample preparation protocol prior to LC-MS or GC-MS analysis. While rotary evaporator methods often give good recoveries, they can only handle a single sample, as well as requiring continuous monitoring to control the process and to ensure that no foaming or bumping occurs.


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Determining Nitrofuran Antibiotic Residues in Foodstuffs
Overall the installation of the EZ-2 evaporator is estimated to have saved the lab 2-3 hours per day that previously was spent on evaporation tasks.

Detection of Synthetic Insulin Analogues in Human Serum
Previously evaporative sample prep of samples ready for LC-MS-MS would take 6 hours. Now using the miVac Duo this is reduced to only 2 hours.

Controlled Concentration & Drying for MALDI-TOF MS
Using an EZ-2 evaporator we were not only able to dry sensitive biological samples at a safe temperature but also eliminate cross contamination due to solvent bumping.

Forensic Sample Preparation for Alcohol Markers and Drugs of Abuse
Using the EZ-2 evaporator excellent recoveries of volatile analytes were achieved. In addition the EZ-2 eliminated the sample-to-sample cross-contamination observed using traditional techniques.

Quantifying Levels of Persistant Organic Pollutants in Water
The developed evaporative sample preparation method for LC-MS-MS increased sample throughput, is easier to perform and cheaper than the SPE enrichment method previously used.

Sample Preparation for Metabolite Profiling
The Genevac evaporator provided the optimal balance between speed and minimal compound degradation during the evaporation step, and eliminated interferences with mobile phase buffers from the LC solvents.

Efficient & Reliable Sample Preparation for Wildlife Forensics
The sample preparation process and method validation were substantially improved by replacing the Nitrogen blowdown station with a miVac DNA concentrator.

Sample Preparation Techniques for Extracting Drugs of Abuse
from Urine Samples

Evaporative sample prep for LC-MS-MS using the EZ-2 resulted in a more streamlined process, higher sample integrity and increased sensitivity was also achieved.

Direct Analysis of Herbicides in Surface Water Using UPLC-MS
The EZ-2 evaporator enabled us to develop a rugged, efficient analytical method that provides very high sensitivity and eliminates complications associated with analyte derivatization.

Detection & Quantification of Algal Toxins in Surface Water
The direct evaporative sample prep method has distinct advantages over SPE by eliminating the sample clean-up step, improving reproducibility, decreasing analysis time and being more cost effective.


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