Controlled Crystallisation

Crystallisation is a critical process in the development of many compounds. It can form part of the purifications or separation stage and can influence yield purity and particle size. In API development particularly the identification of different crystalline polymorphs and confirmation of stable & metastable forms is very important.

Chemists achieve crystalisation by many varied methods. Variation in temperature, solvent, head pressure, seeding method and evaporation rate can all have effects on the crystallisation process, influencing the form, shape and size of crystals formed. However for many methods used there is little control and often no reproducibility of these parameters. Such studies can also be time consuming and difficult to conduct.

EXALT is a unique toolkit developed by Genevac and researchers in the field to assist with evaporative crystallisation studies in a number ways. By enabling a wide range of solvents to be evaporated at the same time and at the same slow rate, the EXALT system can deliver crystalline forms of a compound in a controlled and reproducible manner. It gives control to the operator by removing a number variables which are often present in current methods for crystallisation studies.

EXALT has been shown to be a useful tool for confirmation of stable forms, to create crystals from amorphous forms, to screen solvents for crystal production including production of seed crystals, and in co-crystal screening.

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