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Genevac, part of the SP Scientific group, offers a comprehensive portfolio of evaporators, concentrators and freeze dryers to suit almost any solvent removal application, purchasing budget or productivity requirement. This microsite provides you with easy access to the wealth of information detailing Genevac's latest innovative technological developments and applications advances.


♦ Genevac Updates Biological Sample Concentrator Range
Genevac announces the second generation version of its popular miVac centrifugal sample concentrator range that features a sleek new look.

♦ Compact Combination Evaporator for University Science Departments
The EZ-2 centrifugal evaporator from Genevac is used by hundreds of academic groups in chemistry, pharmacology, biology, natural product and environmental science departments worldwide to concentrate or completely dry samples.

♦ Flexible Solution for High Throughput Evaporation
The all new Series 3 HT evaporator range from Genevac represents the ultimate in high throughput solvent removal technology.

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